Sean at Resume Hero is certainly that, a resume hero. Sending my resume to him on a whim, he not only corrected errors, but totally re-envisioned my resume with my career goals in mind. With a background in recruiting, he knows what employers are looking for and that’s what counts. I can confidently credit Sean with substantially boosting my chances of employment.

– Rocco F., Financial Analyst

Sean’s work is amazing! He completely rebuilt my resume, and that’s completely changed my career prospects for the better. When I look at my old resume next to my new one, it’s like looking at two different candidates. And I know which one I’d hire!

– Susanne C., Personal Trainer

Before contracting[Resume Hero’s] services, I spent four months looking for a new job. I didn’t get a single call back. But since sending out my new and improved resume, I’ve gotten interviews for 7 of the 9 jobs I’ve applied for, and with the interview coaching you’ve provided, I have never been more confident about my professional future. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Kristen A., Customer Service Manager

Sean, just thought you’d like to know:  I GOT THE JOB! Thanks again for your help!

– Eric M., Lab Technician

Resume Hero gave me the edge I needed to compete in my field’s super-competitive job market. Not only did my resume sell me and my accomplishments in a way that stood out, but I was able to really shine during my interviews instead of fumbling for words like I used to. I can’t say enough good things about Sean’s services.

– Greg F., Media Consultant

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